Meet Our Staff

Jeff M. Myers

President and CEO

Jeff is the Medicaid managed care industry’s chief representative in Washington.

Francis J. Rienzo

Vice President, Government Relations and Advocacy

Francis brings to MHPA a depth of experience in advocacy and organizational development that is key for our efforts to make MHPA a platform capable of identifying and mitigating environmental risks and pursuing opportunities for the Medicaid managed care industry.

Shannon Attanasio

Director, Government Relations and Advocacy

Shannon Attanasio is Director of Government Relations and Advocacy at the Medicaid Health Plans of America (MHPA), the leading association representing Medicaid managed care organizations. In this role, Shannon engages federal policymakers, advocacy organizations, and state-level groups to promote the Medicaid managed care industry’s priorities and policies to protect and improve Medicaid.

Lydia Tonkonow

Design and Communications Assistant

Devin Smith

Senior Manager, Marketing and Events

Nicole Dolan

Vice President, Membership and Development

Nicole manages MHPA’s marketing platform to ensure policymakers, plans and others see the value that members provide to the neediest Americans.

Kirby Greissing

Manager of Policy

Kirby is a key member of MHPA’s policy team, providing critical project management and policy analysis.

Alexander Shekhdar

Vice President, Policy

Alex is a seasoned healthcare business and policy pro who helps advance the industry’s interests.

Terri Wallace

Director of Finance and Administration

Terri is the steward of MHPA’s financial assets, accounting and compliance.