Medicaid Basics

MHPA welcomes the new Administration, 115th Congress and Staff! We know the year is still young, but health care reform, Medicaid in particular, has already emerged as a key issue. MHPA, the only trade association that represents Medicaid managed care plans exclusively, is committed to being a resource to any and all involved in the upcoming health care reform discussions.    

The links below provide both basic information and entrée to webpages that provide more in-depth resources.

  1. PWC: The Steadying State of Medicaid in the United States
  2. HMA: The Value of Medicaid Managed Care
  3. 2015 CMS Actuarial Report on the Financial Outlook for Medicaid
  4. MACPAC: Medicaid 101
  5. Alliance for Health Reform: Medicaid and CHIP Sourcebook
  6. Kaiser Family Foundation: Medicaid Moving Forward
  7. Kaiser Family Foundation: Medicaid Policy Action Trends
  8. CMS’s Medicare and Medicaid Basics
  9. CRS’s Medicaid: An Overview
  10. Express Scripts: Does Florida Medicaid’s State-Mandated Formulary Provision Influence Prescription Drug Utilization and Costs?

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