Enhancing Maternal Health with Home-Delivered Meals
Date: January 22, 2020
Time: 2:00- Eastern
Associate Member Host: Mom's Meals / Nourish Care

Webinar Wednesday

Enhancing Maternal Health with Home-Delivered Meals
Wednesday, January 22 from 2pm-3pm

Maternal mortality rates in the US have risen over the past decade. Today, Medicaid pays for over half of all births nationwide. A high-risk birth can cost 5-10 times that of a normal birth. To improve maternal outcomes and lower costs, health plans are looking at supporting expectant mothers in new ways, including through good nutrition. Nutrition plays a role in healthy fetal development and the health of the mother as well, particularly for members with a nutrition-dependent condition like gestational diabetes. A fully prepared home-delivered meals program helps make it easy to eat healthfully and adhere to condition-appropriate eating guidelines. Simply Health Care of Florida provides meals for members with gestational diabetes or who have existing diabetes. In this webinar you’ll learn about how they support their members in this program and the impact of adding meals to their maternal health program. You’ll also understand the many ways nutrition can enhance maternal health along with quality and cost outcomes for health plans.



Mom’s Meals believe better health should be accessible to all, and it begins with the very meals we eat. We provide high-quality, refrigerated meals to any U.S. address. We put choice in the hands of our customers, offering a broad selection of entrees, including those to support common health conditions.